Waxing in Chelsea, Manhattan

Waxing Hair Removal Chelsea, Manhattan NYC

Waxing will not permanently remove hair. However, it will leave your skin smooth & hairless for a lengthy period of time, lasting longer than a shaving because waxing removes hair from the root.

Spa and Beauty in Chelsea, Manhattan. 10011 delivers a complete array of hair removal services and options to keep you feeling smooth and lustrous on any part of your body. Our specially formulated products prevent skin irritation. Regular waxing produces less sensitive skin, making hair removal from its follicles easier. Shaving your hair between your appointments triggers unwanted hair growth. In this case, plan your wax appointments ahead of time for incredible, lasting results.

Benefits of Waxing in Chelsea, Manhattan

Smooth and even skin – Who doesn’t want their skin to feel as velvety and soft? Waxing removes not only unwanted hair but also dead and dry skin cells.

Goodbye stubble – Depilatories only remove surface-level hair. Shaving often leaves you with rough skin, razor bumps, and scratchy stubble. Waxing stops unwanted hair at its roots.

Minor irritation – Waxing applies minimal chemicals than shaving lotions, creams, or harsh hair removal / depilatory creams. 

No scars –  Waxing hair removal helps you to sidestep the painful nicks, cuts, and scratches from shaving; therefore, you’ll no longer worry about buying razors or shaving creams. Subsequently, you won’t have to deal with a dull blade that leaves your hair patchy and your skin rough.

Slow regrowth – Waxing allows you to go hairless for weeks; what’s more, the new hairs regrow finer, softer, and sparsely.

Call and schedule a fabulous waxing experience at Spa and Beauty, Chelsea Manhattan, 10011.

Waxing for Men: What are the Differences?

Waxing for men applies the same methods for women but has two significant differences. Men grow more hair than women, and in places where women rarely grow hair at all. Man’s most common areas for extra hair growth are the legs, chest, armpits, buttocks, and genitals.

Waxing Men’s body regions

Brazilian wax for men is more sensitive due to a sagging skin area and additional nerve endings. Men prefer hair removal in this regions to prevent shaving injuries and to avoid prickly, stubbly hairs, which cause itching and chafing.

Face. Many men now prefer to groom certain sections around the beard, and others choose to forgo all whiskers. Men typically prefer facial hair removal on their noses, cheeks, and lip area.

Chest. Waxing causes hair to grow back lighter, avoiding razor burns, cuts, nicks, and other irritations.

A back wax is the most common hair removal service men receive. They can choose to wax the entire back or do it in sections. Back hair that’s been waxed takes longer to regrow.

Legs. Men also opt to wax their legs, particularly athletes. Leg hair waxing takes longer to grow back as well.

Waxing in Chelsea, Manhattan Hair removal services

Men’s Wax

  • Men Wax Stomach
  • Men Wax Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms
  • Men Wax Chest & Stomach
  • Men Wax Chest
  • Men Wax Commando Full
  • Men Wax Commando Line
  • Men Wax Full & Shoulders
  • Men Wax Full Arm & Hands
  • Men Wax Full Body (Front, Back, and Sides )
  • Men Wax Full Legs
  • Men Wax Lower Legs & Feet
  • Men Wax Underarms
  • Men Wax Upper Back
  • Men Wax Upper Legs
  • Men Wax Lip And Chin
  • Buttocks Wax

Women’s Wax

  • Women Wax Bikini Line Front And Back
  • Women Wax Arm And Shoulder
  • Women Wax Full Body (Front Back And Sides)
  • Women Wax Upper Lip
  • Women Wax Line Bikini Line (Front)
  • Women Wax Chin
  • Women Wax Full Arms And Hands
  • Women Wax Full Back
  • Women Wax Full Brazilian Bikini ( Front And Back)
  • Women Wax Full Face
  • Women Wax Full Legs
  • Women Wax Lower Back
  • Women Wax Lower Legs And Feet
  • Women Wax Lower Stomach
  • Women Wax Stomach
  • Women Wax Underarms
  • Breast Wax
  • Buttocks Wax

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