Skin Care in Chelsea, Manhattan

Excellent skin care in Chelsea, Manhattan, can be found at Spa and Beauty. Our treatments generally include gentle cleansing, steaming, extraction, exfoliation, and moisturizing. Additionally, we use masks and peels and perform various therapeutic massage techniques.

Skin Care, Body Scrub, Chelsea, Manhattan NYC

Facials in Chelsea Manhattan

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  • Organic Facial
  • Facial Oxygen Therapy
  • Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
  • Microdermabrasion
  • High Frequency + Facial
  • Dermaplaning Facial
  • Butt Facial
  • BBGlow

Body Scrubs

We’ll apply the scrub, thoroughly exfoliating, and hydrating your body to baby softness. The process sloughs off dead skin cells, revealing the clean, new skin beneath. Oils exude nourishment into your flesh; we apply a refreshing lotion to seal in moisture for ultimate smoothness and hydration. A proper body scrub has holistic benefits: promoting healthy circulation, detoxification, stress relief, and relaxation of the body and mind.

Skin Care in Chelsea, Manhattan: Massages

Body Works with Hot Stone

Give your stiff muscles relief with a body works hot stone massage. Before treatment, we heat volcanic basalt stones at in sanitized water. Stones are arranged in patterns to improve blood flow and loosen tight muscles. Heat retention detoxifies and tones your flesh. The amount of time the heated stones remain depends on the treated area. As a result, your muscles loosen, allowing your therapist to massage and dig deeper into the tissues.

Skin Care in Chelsea, Manhattan: Body Works Hot Stone massage offers tremendous therapeutic benefits:

  • The heat and massage increase your joint mobility and range of motion.
  • Relaxes chronic stress and tension to relieve sore muscles.
  • It sedates your nervous system to a more profound state of relaxation.
  • It rejuvenates your body, mind, and soul.

Sports Massage

An intense sports massage enables you to retain flexibility, stretch tight muscles and stimulate inactive ones. In effect, your posture improves, and your body moves more freely. Sports massages enhance your athletic performance, meanwhile helping to prevent injuries and assist in recovery. You can fully enjoy the sports you love without muscle aches and pains.

Shortly before an event or competition, indulge in a sports massage that warms up and stretches tight muscles. The pre-event massage stimulates the flow of blood and nutrients to your muscles, reduces tension, and puts you in a calm and ready state of mind.

After engaging in high movement in any sport or activity, a post-event sports massage within 2 hours relieves tired, stiff muscles. You’ll need less recovery time. In addition, it diminishes microtrauma swelling and cramping. Stimulating your circulatory system enables blood to flow. It returns dilated blood vessels to normal and removes waste and lactic acid buildup.

Engaging in a one-a-week maintenance sports massage is a vital feature of athletic training. Increased blood flow keeps your tissues flexible, so the muscle layers move quickly over each other. You’ll maintain maximum flexibility and control the development of scar tissue.

Alternative Therapy Skin Care in Chelsea, Manhattan

Suction Cups (Ventosas)

An excellent method for natural relief from chronic pain and stress is the popular Ventosas massage or suction cupping therapy. Therapeutic methods of cupping have changed in a variety of ways. However, Cupping holds an ancient history, having long been practiced by Chinese medicine and used by Middle Eastern, European, and Asian cultures for pain relief.

Ventosas is a deep-tissue massage that only a licensed practitioner should perform. The traditional method places special cups made of glass, earthenware, bamboo, or silicone on your skin. As a result,  your capillaries expand, flushing out the excess fluids coursing in and out of your tissues.

With fire cupping, your massage therapist sets fire to herbs, alcohol, and paper on the cup. As the fire diminishes, they place the cups upside down on your skin at the same time. The heated air creates a vacuum within the cup. The cups remain on your skin for up to three minutes. Meanwhile, your skin rises and reddens as your blood vessels expand.

A less dangerous, modern version of Ventosas uses suction from a rubber pump as a vacuum instead of fire. With any form of Ventosas, expect to see and feel minor burns and bruising on the cupped areas. These fade within a few days to weeks and should not be painful.

Speak with your doctor before engaging in treatment. Ventosas effectively improves circulation and digestion, reduces inflammation and harmful toxins, and offers pain relief. It is an overall general relaxation and positive well-being therapy.


Microneedling is a chemical-free, minimally invasive, safe skin therapy to boost collagen. During treatment, we effectively use patented, handheld technology that microscopically penetrates tiny sterilized needles into your skin. Your body naturally produces healing properties to encourage collagen and elastin regrowth. With microneedling, in due time, your skin improves inside and out, altogether reducing uneven skin tone, scars, and wrinkles.

Microneedling + Microdermabrasion + LED Therapy

Our professional microneedling treatment blends a custom microneedling session together with microdermabrasion and LED Therapy for a beautiful shine that boosts skin product penetration and improves hydration. We’ll indulge you with a cleanse, microneedling, and ultrasound with LED light.

LED Light Therapy treatments produce attractive, non-invasive effects utilizing the latest technology. The different lights and wavelengths help with problematic skin issues. For instance, red light supports the skin’s outer layer stimulating fibroblast cells to produce collagen. Blue light penetrates deeper layers. It stops the overproduction of oil glands, combats eczema, acne, psoriasis, and rosacea, and reverses skin aging.

Hair Loss Therapy With Microneedling

Hair loss and the effects of alopecia are alarming and often demoralizing to men and women. However, scores of treatments exist to slow it down and even help reverse it. One such is Hair loss therapy with Microneedling. Collagen and hair follicles co-exist in the same layer of skin. When collagen production slows (typically within our thirties), it affects the strength of our hair follicles. Without the collagen to support it, hair falls out and fails to regrow.

Your skincare professional will apply a topical numbing lotion to the scalp area undergoing treatment. Afterward, they use a handheld device to create tiny holes along your scalp. The microneedling process induces blood flow and nutrients back to your scalp. The slight injuries the microneedles cause, however, produce new stem cells and restimulate hair growth once healed.

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